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Help us help. Donate today by sending us a one time or a monthly gift. 


Phoneo is a non-profit organization. For our financial means we depend on donations. Our work is supported by family, friends, churches, organizations and businesses.


The Roma and Romanians who work in our organization receive a salary. Team members from other countries are expected to take care of their own support through the raising of personal sponsorship.


It’s our deep desire to offer structural help and to continue doing so through the programs you’ve been able to read about on this site.


Do you want to be involved?

Since our work is growing we are constantly searching for new sponsors, committees, churches, organizations and businesses that want to help us carry it.

This can be done by aiding the work amongst the Roma through financial aid, practical involvement and prayer.


You can safely send us your donation through PayPal.

Please click on the logo below and you will be linked to our PayPal service.


Thank you for being a blessing.

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