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 with Phoneo 

We are looking for enthusiastic, passionate people with a work ethic who know that they are called for full time mission/ministry work. 


Experience in the field of missions, practical ministry or social work is preferred but not mandatory.


We cannot offer you a salary but we do offer you a nice team of colleagues and the unique experience to express the heart of Christ in love and deed in the mission fields of the beautiful country Romania. 


We are looking for both short term (6 weeks to 1 year) or long term workers (1 year or more).


At present we have the following openings:


Co-ordinator maintenance team 

You know about all sorts of repair and maintenance work, are flexible and have a feeling for organization. You know how to sensitively direct a team of local workers. You are able to work within a different cultural mindset. You are in the possession of a driver’s license. You speak English and are willing to learn Romanian.


Children and youth workers 

(Casa Ana, Neigborhood work, Church work etc.)

We are looking for several workers who want to commit to our fast growing children and youth projects (preferably long term). We are specifically looking for people with the capability to lead small teams of workers and kids and who like to be involved in the further development and set up of kids and youth work.

You are enthusiastic, flexible, positive and have a great deal of perseverance. You are willing to invest in learning the Romanian language. You are able to adapt and enjoy being part of a team that consist of multiple cultures. You have a big heart for kids or youth and easily make connections. You like to take initiative and are able to function independently as within a team.

Full time worker Selah educational project 

We are looking for somebody with a passion for education that would be willing to join our Selah project for at least several months on a 4 day a week base. Together with the project leaders you run programs with the children and you supervise interns.

We are looking for somebody who also will bring their own input in the program (music lessons, foreign language lessons etc.). You love to invest in deep relationships with the children, you are aware of your own limits and are able to set borders when needed.


Car Mechanic 

Due to intensive use and the poor state of the local roads we have recurring problems with our cars and minibuses. Therefore we quite regularly have to access a mechanic.


The busy nature of the work sometimes means that proper periodical maintenance and the repair on the vehicles gets overlooked. Therefore we search fro a car mechanic who  like to take charge of all car maintenance and (if possible) repairs.

Practically this involves 5 minivans and several small cars.

Are you interested in any of the above or curious what could be possible?

Please contact us on or  

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