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 and Teams 

Visitors and teams give a tremendous input to our work.


Besides the fact that a visit is often a life changing experience for the one who visits, it’s also a tremendous encouragement for the people here and… together with visiting teams we can, of course, get a lot more done than without you!


Therefore we love to have visitors over!


What are the possibilities?

Come for an individual visit
(or with a small group) and join in our programs e.g. for a week. In this way you get a pretty good feeling of what it is we do and therefore it’s really nice for an orientation visit or to get acquainted. Please do contact us before you come, to make arrangements about dates etc.  


Organize a team trip, with your church or other


1 Contact us about possible dates and to brainstorm about the kind of team you’d like to put together (building team, maintenance team, sports team, kids work team… etc). You can do this by sending an email to or  

2 Gather a group of enthusiastic people around you that like to join in.

3 We will help you with all information you need regarding accommodation, flights etc. We will also provide you with information for your team about the country, the culture, the projects you will be helping etc.

4 Develop fundraising activities to cover the costs of the project you will be undertaking. 

5 Come over and join us  


Come and help us with

- Building a house for a family  

- Organizing sports clinics for kids and youth 

- Renovating a project building or play ground 

- Organizing a day camp 

- Going into the areas for an outreach 


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