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 Bread to Live 

Sponsor  a child

No job, no unemployment benefits, cold winters and many children – these are the ingredients for hunger in Roma neighbourhoods. All around us we see how families struggle daily to get food on the table; and they do not always succeed. Little babies have to make due with tea and sugar when their mothers lack the milk to breast feed them.


When you are hungry, all you can think about is survival; you live day by day and lack the energy to think about and plan for the future. This makes situations spiral from bad to worse. Only when people are regularly fed do they have the energy and time again to look to the future.


Families in these circumstances are registered into our Bread to Live Sponsor Program. For each family we look for a sponsor that supports one of the children on a monthly basis. Two times in the week the sponsored family can go to a local store with a special made ticket they pick up the necessary healthy and nutritional groceries. 

We pay the local shop. A huge relief, especially for single mothers that have been abandoned by their husbands.

This projects is supported by our team whom are visiting the children in the homes of the families so we are able to adequately and efficiently support them in their immediate and longterm needs like schooling, housing and living.


Child and sponsor are connected with their supporter through letters, drawings etc,  we see how this contact is enlarging the child’s world view and is really encouraging them.


Become part of this amazing project today by sending an email to:


“Since I was a little baby I live with my grandmother, she is very old but takes care of me the best she can. Now we have a sponsor it’s a lot easier for my grandmother to take care of the food. When I go to kindergarten I can now take something to eat with me every day.”  

Darius Moise (5 years) Petelea 


“At the moment I am home alone with my three younger brothers, my parents are abroad looking for work. The neighbors are helping me but I would not know what to do without the food that I receive every week through my food bon.”  

Samuel (13 years) Petelea 


“I am writing with Sofie (14 years) from the Netherlands. It’s so nice to share about my life with her and to read her letters. It’s so special that she thinks about me!”

Rebekka (10 years) Reghin 

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