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In Romania, Roma Gypsies still live in difficult circumstances. Lack of schooling, job opportunities, social problems and discrimination keep them trapped in a spiral of poverty and misery.

Children are sometimes left to fend for themselves for months. Elderly people live in desperate circumstances in little shacks that are falling apart. Teenagers see no way out and jump, way too young, in miserable relationships.


These are the people our heart goes out to. We want to bring hope to those who live in darkness and despair; we want to stand up for those without chances; be a safe haven for neglected children; bring hope to parents who don’t see the way out anymore. We want to bring the Kingdom of Jesus to those places where it’s needed most, through loving words and caring hands, amidst the poorest Gypsy communities.


Our work area has extended over the years and encompasses the cities of Reghin and Cugir and the villages of Apalina, Petelea, Brancovanesti, Ideci, Breaza, Uila and Batos.

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casa ana
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