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 Casa Ana 

Because every child is worthy of love

Casa Ana in Petelea is totally dedicated to the care for children that are in lack of everything at home. In Casa Ana daycare they can play and receive a good hot meal. Casa Ana is a home place for them, a place where they can go to with their stories, experiences and tears.


Amidst chaotic surroundings Casa Ana provides safety and structure. Children learn how to behave together in a positive way. The rights of the strongest do not count here! They experience how nice it is to make agreements together and to stick to them.


Casa Ana offers toys and activities focused on stimulating development and it is amazing to see the effects. Kids find a comfy hot bath here and clean clothes and if it’s necessary we take them to the doctor. Together we celebrate birthdays and holidays.


Casa Ana offers a little bit of substitute parental care. Because every child has the right to love, care and attention; when parents, for whatever reason, are not always able to provide this.

“In Casa Ana the greatest thing to do is take a bath!”  

Denisa (9 years) 


“Everybody is always so sweet here... And I love to play with the dolls.” 

Maria (8 years) 


"It’s cool to talk with the leaders and I just like this place so I’ll still hang around a bit” 

Razvan (14 years) 

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