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A home for the homeless and the lonely

In Romania, the social welfare system is like a net with enormous holes.
If you lose your job you’ll have to live from no more than 125 lei, approximatively 31 dollar a month. You might be able to buy food but there will be nothing left for rent or bills. If you do not have family to help support you, it is a high possibility you will end up on the streets.

It is for people with such circumstances that we open the doors of Adapost every
afternoon. In this place they are welcomed into a safe environment where they can feel a sense of belonging. We accept them as friends without judgment where they can have a good talk or just play a nice game of chess.


We end our day by coming together over a warm meal as a family. Through this daily process, we can slowly see their sense of self-worth and belonging return.
We see people discover their value in the eyes of God and others. We see people discover their own ability to change their lives.
We see people come home!

Since November 2019 the Adapost project is leaded by Hoini Buta and Richard Dickson

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