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Because education has the future

Andrada, 5 years old, has nobody who can bring her to school.

David, 7 years old, has no shoes let alone note books for school.

Angela, 9 years old, has a mountain of homework but nobody at home to help her because no one can read or write.

Do they have a chance?


The Selah educational assistance program provides them with this chance. In the Selah project we help families who want to send their kids to school but can’t offer their child the support they need to actually stay in school. Families who are so poor that even buying pens or note books genuinely exceeds the family budget.


We help children both before and after school hours. In the mornings they come to change clothes, to wash and have breakfast and to prepare whatever they need for the day.

In the afternoon the children return to the project where, after a healthy lunch, they start on their homework. Homework in Romania is quite a lot of work, already from the first grade! The project provides extra help where needed and pays special attention to mastering the Romanian language, which is not the mother tongue for these Roma children.

Without the Selah project none of these children would be going to school and like their parents they would have to fight for the most humble jobs.


Selah provides a chance for a better future!

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