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 House to Live 

From a shack to a warm house

We believe that everybody has the right to live in a safe house; A house in which children can grow up safe and healthy; A house with good walls and a roof that can withhold snow, rain and wind.


However all around us we see how big families are living in shacks. We want to stand up and give them a helping hand. But we cannot do this alone.



The House to Live program, together with volunteers from several countries,

builds new houses for the poorest families.

Are you also enthusiastic to come and help us, together with your youth group, church or colleagues and do you have some basic handyman skills? Then we can provide you with all the information you need to gather a team around you, to raise funds and to prepare the trip. Here, the people from the House to Live project will guide you and your team during the building work and your stay with us.


Thanks to House to live already 70 houses are build and many families are now living in a proper warm home.

Interested in joining us in the building work? Then contact us through


For more information you can also check under the tab ‘Visitors and teams’.


“After my nephew put us out on the street my children had to sleep in a shed in the middle of winter. Now we have our own house and this is such a tremendously big gift.”



“After I helped to build several houses for other families it was now my turn to build together with a team a house for my own family. I am so proud of it.” 



“Through sponsors a house could be bought for our family. A house with running water! What a blessing for my family of 7 children! It’s a good thing we moved because the old shack we lived in has now collapsed, I am so happy we can live in safety now.” 


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