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“He lived among them...” (John 1:14)

We believe that every person needs love and attention and that it’s important to reach out to people in the places where they live. Therefore we’re actively present in the areas during the week in all different kinds of ways.


Our teams visit the people at home and stand next to them in the things that matter to them; births, weddings, funerals, sickness and everything else that constitutes daily life.


Weekly programs are organized in our different community centre in the areas for children, youth and/or adults. Programs that focus around personal attention, good teachings and… enjoying. We offer the little ones the opportunity to play, school age kids the chance to enjoy a great program, teenagers the possibility to talk about what’s on their minds. Men and women receive solid teaching and encouragement.


But for us the most important thing is that, above everything, through word and deed we want to be like Jesus… who lived among them!’

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