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The situation in Ukraine is heart breaking.

Our last visit to Kherson and Odessa left us stunned, shaken, and with a deep sense of urgency.


The devastation wrought by the Russian invasion was all around us, and we couldn't help but feel overwhelmed by the scale of the destruction. As we drove past the bullet-ridden cars of civilians who had tried to escape, we were reminded of the horror of war. It was as if we were passing through a graveyard, and the silence of the city was broken only by the sound of our truck.

The scenes we witnessed were straight out of a nightmare. The bombarded buildings, the closed and destroyed churches, the minefields we drove through, and the crosses and monuments by the roadside—all told a story of unimaginable suffering. The locals we met had lost loved ones, friends, and neighbors. Some had disappeared while helping elderly people with food. Others had been deported against their will to Russia, never to return.

As we distributed food packets to the people, we saw a sense of pain but determination in their eyes, as if in their suffering they refused to give up on the idea of loosing their country again to the Russians. The continual bombardments from the other side of the river had made them numb to the sound of explosions. 

With the help of various churches and organisations, we were able to bring in 17 semi-trucks full of food, medicines, and other goods.


We concentrate our work in Kherson and Odessa, the two cities that needed a lot help. In Odessa alone, 200,000 refugees had fled seeking shelter and safety. They had no source of income and were dependent on external organizations like ours for support.

We opened a warehouse in Odessa to receive and distribute the goods we brought in. We distribute food, medicines, clothes, blankets, and generators. Our main goal was to set up a field kitchen to provide a daily warm meal to hundreds of refugees.


We are still expanding this project and hoping to start a field kitchen in Kherson as well.

We have a constant need for more food and medicines, and your help is critical. With our team of dedicated volunteers from the local church and our own organization, we ensure that your help will reach its intended destination. We have a warehouse in Romania and opportunities to bring large loads to a warehouse in Holland, from where it will be transported to our work locations in Ukraine.

The need for help in Kherson and Odessa is immense, and we cannot do it alone. We implore you to join us in this effort to alleviate the suffering of the people of Ukraine. Together, we can make a difference.

    Help us to help them!



1. By donating through or Banktransfer or PayPal (click on the PayPal button)

2. By collecting the following products from the list and bringing them to

    one of our storage places in Holland. (no clothes)



- Canned and other preservable food

- Potato puree instant

- Pasta

- Rice

- Baby formula

- Dry yeast for baking bread

- Flour 

- Sugar 

- Pampers

- Powder milk 12+

- Blankets

- Toiletries and washing powder

- Milk unrefrigerated (long-life)

- Large quantities of Potatos

- Large quantities of Carrots

Hygienic products


Woman toiletries, ( faminine pads etc, )


Toilet paper


Baby Products

Pampers/Baby powder milk

Medical supplies

Infusion systems

Antibiotics for intravenous use



Solution for injection

Dressing material: sterile and non-sterile

Sterile gloves




First aid kit military, anti burn, hemostatic, painkillers etc

C-A-T Combat application Tourniquet

Israeli bandage abdominal

Injection needles 2ml

Medicines should be stored at 59°F (15Celcius) to 77°F degrees is (25 Celsius) in a cool, dry place. 

Antibiotics in tablets

Painkiller tablets

Sign blood pressure medicines

Aminoven infant 10% (for new borns)

Cold preparations

Hemostatic drugs

L-thyroxine preparations of all uses (thyroid hormone)

Preparations for asthmatics (salbutamols, beroduals)

Instruments to measure blood sugar levels

Anti epileptic drugs


Antibiotics against infectious forms

Throat medicines

Any antihistamines (ointments, tablets)

Spray for nasal congestions

Hydrogen peroxide


Antibacterial agent






             Help us to help Ukraine

European and International bank account details are:

The Netherlands

To.     : Stichting Phoneo

IBAN : NL83ABNA0414978161
Bic.    : ABNANL2A

Currency:  Euro
Purpose: donation (help ukraine )

Adres Phoneo Netherlands


Street: Burgemeester Seinenstraat 59

Code: 9831PV

City.  : Aduard

The Netherlands

Adres: ABN/AMRO Bank.

City.    : Groningen

Street : Grote Markt 22

Code  : 9712 HV Groningen

Donations can be sent to:


Stichting Phoneo

IBAN: NL83ABNA0414978161


Mentioning: Help Ukraine


For Romania bank transfer:
Fund.Phoneo Reghin 
CF 17908450
Cont: BRD Reghin 
Sediu:Jabenita nr.88


If you want to donate money from the USA please contact us, mail address to, Ilja Witte


source: facebook "Phoneo"

"“Somewhere along the way, we must learn that there is nothing greater than to do something for others."Martin Luther king 


Poverty and hopelessness are still the hard reality for many Romanian Roma. Children who grow up without education; without chances. Big families in extreme poverty. Elderly people that have lost all hope.


Phoneo desires to show the heart of God and share His gospel of hope;

Through several humanitarian projects we are standing next to the Roma and bring love, care and hope


“...Because every person is precious”    Jeremiah 29:11

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